Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Stockings 2009

Two more stockings down. I got a new circular needle that is exactly the diameter of my stockings. AHHH, finally a tool that makes my life easier. No more using 5 dpn's to knit. I also tweeked how I start, do the heel, and finish with the toe. I worked on stockings for my sister-in-law and her husband. Anne is of Polish decent and she likes hand painted polish pottery, my gaol was to make it look like that. I really really like how hers turned out. I created the pattern and used some new colors to enhance the contrast. I think it is my favorite. The only problem is... they keep getting bigger and bigger.

Kellen's was a whole other issue. I knit his and then didn't like how it turned out. The colors were just kind of muddy. So... I started over. Kellen is of Irish decent and I really wanted his to look like a kilt or his family plaid. His family plaid was a little to complicated to convert into a knit pattern. I did alot of research and learned that plaid are serious business in the Celtic world. Some are symmetrical, centered, asymmetrical, ect. WOW!! I kept the spirit of his family plaid and added a Celtic knot to spice things up.