Saturday, September 11, 2010

Adyn's Christmas Sweater

I just love the idea of being the aunt that makes you a silly christmas sweater every year. EXCEPT I wanted it to be a really cool great sweater instead of one with a reindeer on the front and beads.

So I set out to challenge myself and make an heirloom sweater. I wanted it to fit for more than one year and be usable. I choose cables for the challenge and luxurious look. I added extra stretchy panels along the ribs, neck, and sleeves to make sure it grew with my little man. The sleeves are extra long so they can be rolled up and then let out when he gets bigger. In hindsight I would have used a different material I think he found it itchy. However the color, oh man did it look great with his fire engine red hair. It is probably one of my favorite items I have ever made.

Its been a year now since I made it for him, and now he has a baby brother just waiting for a stocking of his very own and a christmas sweater. So... planning and designing I must be.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crochet: WHO KNEW?

I keep seeing all these really cute crochet items and I was trying to remember why it is that I don't like to crochet. I have a new crafty friend (shout out to Lorri) who inspired me to try again. So, after a few hours of internet surfing I found a couple patterns to try out. This one is available for free at:

Ok, so I crochet REALLY tight and this is painful. After some encouragement from my crochet buddy I tried again and loosened my grip. :) EUREKA!! This is not so bad. I am not a fan of crochet clothing BUT love quick household items and toys. I have already made 4 versions of this. More pics to come.

(Hint: check out the magazine in the background to find my little buddy W.I.P.)