Saturday, January 24, 2009

Karen's Christmas Stocking

This is actually the first stocking I knit for Christmas. I looked at several fair ilse stockings and created my own charts. I started one and had to abandon it (actually turned it into a hat) because it was WAY to wide. After modifying the pattern I began again with a count of 32 per side. It was quite tricky doing the math and making sure all the repeats were divisable by 4s and 8s but I worked it out. I am still surprised at how easy fair isle really is. This is also the first time I used the "after-thought heel". It was a little rough cutting the first loop to start picking up stitches but I truely believe this methods is easier and cleaner when working in pattern. I keep learning new tricks with each one I do and I will be making charts and patterns to sell for the next holiday season.
FYI: these are some of the best gifts I have ever made or given. They are heirloom quality and make me smile with a sense of pride. My ultimate goal is to make one for each of my immediate family and to continue the tradition on to my children.