Saturday, December 27, 2008

Adyn's Christmas Stocking

I made this pattern all on my own. Adyn Vincent Ashander is my very first nephew and cute as can be. He is Irish and has the firey red hair to prove it. One of the projects I took on this Christmas was making stockings for family. Again, I made two really awesome ones for my mother and father-in-law but forget to take pics. So, here is Adyn's. I wanted it to have a celtic feel so I searched the web for celtics designs. I saw the swirls and knots and made a chart for them. I found the coolest yarn at walmart that is inexpensive and completely eco friendly. CHECK IT OUT!!

FYI: these stockings were my first Fair Isle projects. :) I think I did good for a beginner making her own pattern. I could go on forever about the pattern and how much fun they were. I used the "after though heel". I promise as soon as I can to have my in-laws take pics of theirs I will post.
P.S. Can you find the mistake in the knotwork. It drives me crazy, my eye automatically goes to it.